Friday, April 6, 2012

The Loveliness of Lily Flame

The rolling English countryside
Simon Howden / 
Admittedly, and much to my husband's dismay, I am a lover of quaint shops that sell trinkets and decorative items.  It was in one of these shops that I happened upon Lily Flame for the first time, and where I quickly became a fan of their highly fragrant candles.

Lily Flame is a locally owned British company that manufactures hand made candles, as well as reed diffusers and room sprays.  On their website they picturesquely describe that "All our products are made by hand in the heart of the Somerset countryside."  Lovely - you can just see the rolling green hills.

Their scents are strong and their packaging is stylish.  Their labels are quite posh and I would have to agree that they "give that touchy feely extra specialness".  Lily Flame really hits all the marks for a home fragrance lover!

Recently I picked up their variant Lavender + Lime.  Lavender is a popular, reliable scent that consistently makes sales in the air freshener and personal care categories.  In recent years brands have tried to capitalize on this by expanding on the lavender concept.  For example:

There is Yankee Candle's Lavender Vanilla, BBW's Apple Lavender, Kiss My Face's Lavender & Lily and Archipelago's Lavender Spice.  In that selection there is a gourmand, a fruity, a floral, and a spicy option.  And how can we forget the citrus option - Lily Flame's Lavender + Lime?

Lily Flame's Lavender + Lime hits with a robust scent of fizzy-aldehydic sweet lemon drop candy.  Behind it sits the lavender, which adds an agrestic dynamic to the fragrance.  As previously stated the cold throw of Lily Flame candles is intensely strong, and this character holds true for the Lavender + Lime variant.

In use, the lavender notes come to the front and mix well with the sweet lemon drop citral notes.  This creates a very equally combined lavender and lemon (sorry, there really is no lime in there!) scent.  One final comment is that the fragrance strength in the hot throw is nowhere near as strong as in the cold throw.

I'm not sure if this is just an issue with the Lavender + Lime variant, but unfortunately I can't run to the nearest store to test other scents!  From the looks of it Lily Flame hasn't reached the shores of the United States yet!  (but are of course online to buy from the UK Lily Flame website ... and doesn't Whispered Wish sound like an intriguing scent?!)


  1. Based on your review, and others I've seen online, I'd be really interested in trying these candles. Can I ask where you got yours? I'm stateside as well..

    1. Hi Amelia!
      The Lily Flame candles are fabulous and unfortunately I got mine while on a trip back to England! When I wrote the post I asked Lily Flame where I could get them state-side, but they don't have any distributors (yet!). They have a facebook page Lily-Flame England - maybe contact them there and see what they have to say! :D

    2. PS - great to meet a fellow candle fan! What are your favorite candle brands and scents?


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