Friday, April 20, 2012

The Big Pony Collection for Women 3

Continuing with our topic of the week, today we plod on with the third fragrance in the Big Pony Collection for Women (Ralph Lauren's new fragrance range).  If you've read the reviews of 1 and 2 you'll know that Big Pony was originally launched as an apparel line six years ago.  Then two years ago it trickled down into a fragrance line for men, which has now expanded to include a range for women.  You'll also know that the target market is women ages 18-24, and that each fragrance represents an attribute of the modern (and youthful) 21st century woman.  So, since you know this already I won't mention it again.  I must comment, though - haven't we learned a lot!  And we're not done yet.

Big Pony Collection 1 was sporty.  Big Pony Collection 2 was sensual.  So, what could Big Pony Collection 3 be?  Nothing other than free-spirited, of course!  I mean, you've seen the ad, right?

I see all kinds of free spirits in there.  Have they managed to capture this in the fragrance?  Let's find out.

3 begins softly with juicy pear notes.  There is a slight citral hint hiding behind the pear which serves to lift and brighten the fragrance.  As the top notes begin to fade away the floral sweet notes of mimosa come to the forefront.  The mimosa scent, which is the main character of the fragrance, remains strong, fresh, and bright through the middle notes and in the dry down.

This scent is definitely a nice scent, but, unfortunately, it really is uncomplicated, unimaginative, and unextraordinary.  Which I am starting to think is a common thread in this 'team of fragrances.'

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