Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Big Pony Collection for Women 1

Big Pony.  Ever heard of it?  Maybe you haven't if 'preppy' isn't quite your fashion style.  In this case, please allow me to give you a smidgen of background.  Six years ago Ralph Lauren launched the Big Pony apparel line (note above photo).  Four years later, in 2010, they expanded the line into a men's fragrance range.  Now, in 2012, Ralph Lauren's launched a women's 'team of fragrances': the Big Pony Collection for Women.  The range launched last month and, after an exclusive couple weeks at Bloomingdales, is now available at beauty and department stores everywhere.

Like the men's Big Pony fragrance collection, The Big Pony Collection for Women comprises 4 unique scents.  I  got my hands on each one and will review them here for your smelling pleasure.  Today we begin with 1.

This fragrance opens with bright orange citrus aromas (I feel like I'm eating an orange peel!) and lashings of overly sweet melon.  It is almost a bit too much to handle!  To tell you the truth, the immediate intensity and dynamism of the fragrance caught me off guard!  I recommend giving it a few seconds to chill out after spraying so you don't get knocked off your feet.

The citral notes swiftly burn off and the middle notes quickly move to the forefront.  A lovely white floral bouquet blossoms, which calms the top note chaos, and mixes with the intense sweet melon notes.  As the fragrance dries warm tones of musk begin to emerge and mix with the bright sweet-floral middle notes of the fragrance.  The dry down sits nicely on the skin as the sweetness eventually fades and gives way to the white florals and musk of the dry down.

The Big Pony Collection for Women is meant to encapsulate the four feminine attributes of a 21st century woman, the first attribute being sporty.  So, does Big Pony 1 embody 'sporty'?  It definitely shoots off the starting line with excitement and adrenaline, but the fragrance reaches its peak too soon and fades into the back of the pack.  I don't think I'd be picking this one for my team.

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