Monday, July 23, 2012

Yankee Candle Fall 2012: Whoopie Pie

Find the recipe here: epicurious
(photo by: Mary Ellen Bartley)
whoopie pie (n):   a confection of two small and flat chocolate cakes with cream frosting in the middle; also called whoopee pie, black-and-white.

This delicious goodness originates from the New England area of the United States.  Although, interestingly, there is controversy as to which state this scrumptious treat hails from.  Is Maine its home, or is it Pennsylvania?  Or possibly New Hampshire or even Massachusetts?

Unbelievably, this is such a heated debate that Maine proposed legislature in 2011 to make the Whoopie Pie its official state pie, and thus staking claim to it!

I don't know the answer to its origins, but it is unsurprising, knowing Yankee Candle's New England roots, that they have a Whoopie Pie variant in their Fall 2012 candle range!  And my! What a heavenly Whoopie Pie they have created!

The first experience of the candle is intoxicating!  Its scent is rich with dry cocoa notes which blend seamlessly with soft mint tones and creamy marshmallow hints.  It is chocolate cake batter in a candle.  Delish!

In use a pleasant mouth-watering chocolate scent fills the room.  Infused within these chocolatey notes is the creamy marshmallow aroma which was present in the cold throw.  The mint notes disappear when the candle is burned, but it doesn't lessen the loveliness of the fragrance, just makes it less mint-chocolate-y.

As a chocolate lover myself, I can see only one problem with this scent - in use it isn't very strong!  What a pity - warm chocolate cake is one thing I don't mind my house smelling of!

Have you tried this scent?  Do you love it, do you hate it?  Make sure to leave a comment below!

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