Friday, November 11, 2011

philosophy: smile and be merry? Definitely with marshmallows for toasting!

What a fabulous surprise - a newly launched limited edition product just fell right into my hands - Philosophy's Marshmallows for Toasting 'high gloss, high-flavor marshmallow fluff lip shine'.  What a mouthful!

Image by © Charles Gold/CORBIS
Now normally I wouldn't evaluate a lip gloss, but this one smells so scrumptious I just had to.  The unfortunate part is that it doesn't smell like marshmallows. So, if it doesn't smell like marshmallows, what does it smell like?

Well, let me tell you.  It smells like wonderfully, gorgeously delicious maple syrup.  Wearing this lip gloss is like eating pancakes all day long, but without the caloric consequences!

Not satisfied with this delectable maple syrup just on your lips?  Philosophy has also launched Marshmallows for Toasting in a shampoo, body wash and bubble bath so you can bathe your whole body in this tasty scent!


  1. not sure I could wear this. I'd probably drool on everything and everyone... LOL!

  2. I know! It definitely helps to put it on when you're craving something sweet! takes the urge right away! :-)


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