Monday, November 14, 2011

Launched with style: the new Diane fragrance from Diane Von Furstenberg

Back in October I received all kinds of alerts about a new fragrance launching from designer Diane von Furstenberg: Diane.  Unlike other perfumes with their fascinating (and sometimes confusing) TV commercials, von Furstenberg opted for a modern way to advertise: the flash mob.

Throughout the course of October there were flash mobs in New York, Paris, Madrid, Lisbon, Warsaw and Milan.  All these flash mobs did their work - they got me excited about the fragrance and eager to learn what it was all about.

So, off to Sephora I went (the sole distributor of the fragrance) and here is what I discovered.  Diane is a very womanly fragrance, opening with distinct top notes of patchouli that are combined with layers of caramel and musk and then mixed with light florals, which bring height to the fragrance.  The fragrance is linear as it dries down, retaining the same scent throughout.  

This fragrance is reminiscent of the powerhouse fragrances from the 1980s.  Which isn't necessarily bad ... if you like that kind of thing.

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