Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Method Limited Editions

To tell you the truth, I am not the biggest Method user out there.  Actually, I don't think that I have ever used Method before, which is why I thought it was high time to do so.

Supposedly, 'sometimes change is nice', which is why Method launched a limited edition range in September.  The new variants include: 

Juicy Pear, Clementine, Waterfall and Lemon Mint  

Although I was tempted by the Juicy Pear, the variant I got my hands on is the Lemon Mint.  Lemon mixed with mint?  Now, that sounds interesting.

Sadly, it wasn't.  Neat, the fragrance is very functional, smelling first of sweet lemon drops and then alcohol.  There is no scent of mint, which is a disappointment.  Maybe in dilute?

Nope, not there either.  In use, it is a very earthy, agrestic lemon scent with spikes of menthol (which, although obtained from mint oil, it is a very different scent from mint!).  In addition, the earthy-agrestic notes nearly overwhelm the lemon making it quite a dirty scent.

I'm not overly enthralled with the fragrance of this hand soap, but maybe I should have known that this 'naturally derived formula' was going to smell well, natural!

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