Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Manic for The Body Shop's Chocomania

I am well aware that it is May, but I would like to turn the clocks back to February 2012, and the launch of a new product - Chocomania from The Body Shop.  I know, I have definitely slacked in getting this product reviewed here.  I ask your forgiveness, especially because the shop assistant informed me that Chocomania is a limited edition, only on shelves for a little while longer!

So, how many of you out there are chocolate lovers?  I would say, probably most.  How many of you would like to smell of chocolate?  That is a wholly different question, isn't it?  Purposefully launched around Valentine's Day The Body Shop was clearly hoping to sell this variant based on chocolate's association with love and cupid.  The Chocomania line definitely offered an alternative to the usual 'chocolates and flowers' gift option.  But, if you had been given this variant instead of real chocolate on the big V-Day, would your sweet tooth have been satisfied?  Let's find out.

Chocomania Body Scrub is a little intimidating when you unscrew the lid.  Looking back at you is a swirled mass of brown exfoliator, what The Body Shop describes as 'a brownie-souffle texture'.  They aren't exaggerating too much, but I have to admit that there was trepidation when I first opened it.  Then I smelled it.  All I have to say is: Betty Crocker Chocolate Frosting.  De-li-cious!  From this first sniff, it is obvious that The Body Shop did not go cheap when they designed this fragrance - there is barely a (if any at all) whiff of dry, horribly fake cocoa bean scent.  The gorgeous aroma made my trepidation disappear; all I wanted to do now was indulge in the product.

In use, the top notes are ridiculously gourmand - it is like being emerged in chocolate fudge cupcakes; cake, frosting and all!  These notes linger, but the fragrance is surprisingly complex.  As you scrub away, accents of clean and dry floral-green aromas lift the fragrance from its deep chocolate-y base.  It is a dynamic fragrance which allows you to indulge in its scentacular experience while meeting your needs of refreshing and cleansing through the in-use floral-green bouquets.

Out of the shower and dry, the fragrance on the skin is moisturizing and creamy, more akin to a shea butter scent than anything else ... but I'm not complaining.  See, while I wholeheartedly enjoyed the scent experience of this product, I'm not sure I want to walk around smelling like chocolate.  For that reason, this product gets a big thumbs up.

So, still thinking of something to get your mom for Mother's Day?  Not anymore - get to your nearest Body Shop and get her some Chocomania Body Scrub.  It is not the least expensive product, but with ingredients like Brazil nut oil, soy oil and sugar, and a scent that feels like your immersed in chocolate frosting, it's well worth it!

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  1. Update everyone! The Body Shop USA told me via twitter (@thebodyshopusa) that Chocomania is going to be staying around for a while ... hurrah!


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