Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Avon: Today. Tomorrow. Always. Forever...

Launched in spring 2012, Salma Hayek joins the Avon celebrity fragrance crew with the Forever scent in the Today Tomorrow Always range.  How does her fragrance compare?  Let's find out.
“I know love can Forever surprise me, time and time again.” – Salma Hayek, Actress, Mother, Producer & Director 
As soon as you gently whiff Forever you are hit with heavy musk notes.  The heart of the scent is powdery and interlaced with a light floral aroma.  This aroma serves to heighten the fragrance from its warm musky-depths.

The scent becomes more interesting as it dries: the musk sinks quietly to the back which enables dry, peppery notes of pink peppercorn to come to the front and make themselves known.  Besides this slight hint of intrigue, Forever is not a very complex fragrance and remains, overall, linear from top notes to dry down.

Avon Forever has good longevity and, due to the prevalent musk notes, has a classic fragrance air about itself, which makes it, I believe, a stalwart fragrance for the discerning 40+ woman.

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