Friday, August 5, 2011

Which Blonde Are You?

Ahh, yes.  The summer flankers have arrived and models with long blonde hair grace the advertisements of all three fragrances now out in your nearest department store.

First:  the ever so seductive DKNY Be Delicious flanker - Golden Delicious.

The fragrance opens with a light floral scent of rose and lily, but underneath the innocent top notes lurk deep woody tones mixed with layers of musk.  The bottom notes give a sensual dimension to the fragrance that keeps it from being a simple, straight floral.

The bottom notes make this a heavier fragrance that would be good for wearing in Fall, at night or (as the poster suggests) when being seductive.

Second: the wistfully sweet and innocent Marc Jacobs Lola flanker - Oh, Lola!

The top is light, sweet and citrus-y with elements of green notes, which lift the fragrance.  It dries into a gentle and inoffensive white floral with small traces of musk.

This is a safe fragrance choice that is perfect for daytime wear.

Third:  the classy, 'au naturel' Pure DKNY flanker - Pure DKNY Verbena.

Top note is verbena, no doubt about that, but the citrus note is quickly balanced out with a Ponds cold cream-esque note of musk and rose.

It is an instantly fresh and comforting fragrance (but maybe that's because the dry down reminds me of my grandmother!)

This is a good all-round scent for anytime wear.

So, what will you choose?  The seductive Golden Delicious, the sweet, innocent Oh, Lola! or the classy, au naturel Pure DKNY Verbena?

As for me, (sorry flankers!) I've got my eye on the new Fall fragrance from Tom Ford - Violet Blonde launching this September.  Stay tuned ...

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