Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wrap your body in ribbons. Gold Bond's Sheer Ribbons, that is.

From first glance you can see that Sheer Ribbons body lotion strives to stand out.  With a closer look, you may even ask, are you sure that isn’t a hair care product?  But no, it’s not - the packaging is odd for a body lotion, but necessary for this product.
See this button?  It’s from here that 'ribbons' are created.  Gimmicky?  Of course.  Was I impressed?  Definitely. 

 There is no doubt that Gold Bond’s main goal was to create a luxurious product that differentiates itself from its competitors.  They have realized this goal with the packaging, labelling and product name, but what about the fragrance?

Sheer Ribbons comes in two variants, Pearl Radiance and Silk Softness.  I evaluated Sheer Ribbons: Silk Softness.  The marketing asserts that it’s ‘a blend of delicate mimosa petals, seductive Tuscan cyprus and apricot reduction’, which should make it a warm floral fragrance lifted by fruity hints.  In practice, it's a subtle, warm fragrance, but the floral/amber notes are overwhelmed by powdery ones, and no fruity hints can be detected at all (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing).  In conclusion, it is an inoffensive, subtle fragrance that sits nicely on the skin.

From packaging to fragrance Gold Bond has created a luxurious new offering for the lotion shelf, but buyers beware!  It carries a luxurious price tag as well:

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