Thursday, August 25, 2011

How very exciting - pressies from Passion Savon!

Last week I had the treat of receiving an airmail package from France.  When I opened the mailbox a gorgeous scent wacked me in the face – it was a pleasurable mixture of earthy, resinous aromas mixed with a strong hit of black pepper.  I couldn’t wait to get inside and open my package of natural handmade soaps from Passion Savon.

OK.  So, what is this place, this Passion Savon?  With their shop located in the southwest of France and an online presence as well, Passion Savon is an artisan business that creates handmade soaps and cosmetics using natural, high quality raw materials.  It is the baby of a certified aromatherapist who has used her 25 years of experience to create wonderfully fascinating soaps.  

How about Cranberry & Rhubarb?
Or maybe Orange Cocoa & Cinnamon
Possibly you're more of a Olive and Lemon Scrub kind of person?  They all sound very intriguing, and luckily I got to experience 7 different variants from their multitude of ranges.

They were:
Dead Sea Mud
an enjoyable herbaceous scent mixed with undertones of rich clay aromas

Zingiber & Apple 
a pleasant earthy-amber scent mixed with top notes of tingling eucalyptus

 Oatmeal & Banana Creme
 A very subtle, earthy scent that is made dynamic with hints of green fields of grass


      A lovely nutty scent wrapped in slight creamy hints

      A vibrant citrus scent of bergamot that intermingles with light notes of fresh clean soap

 Arabica Beans & Pistachio
 A tasty scent characterized by notes of rich coffee beans - you can almost smell the coffee brewing!

 And last, but not least...

Watermelon & Blackpepper
An exquisite scent of black pepper entwined with subtle sweet, clean tones

All of these soaps have unique appearances, fabulous scents, a wonderful lather and they left my skin feeling soft.

What more could a girl ask for?

You can check these soaps (and more!) out at

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