Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Sheerness of Burberry Brit

I'm feeling fabulous!  Why?  Let me tell you: while I was buying a pair of awesome shoes I noted that there was a free perfume sample at the counter which was mine for the taking!  Shoes and perfume? How could the day get any better?!

Launched in 2007 as a limited edition, and brought back to shelves in 2010, Burberry Brit Sheer entered the flanker scene to what appears to be neutral reviews.  (Should you want to peruse them yourself, you can check them out at Basenotes, Fragrantica and Osmoz.)  But, what do we think about it here at Scents n Scentsibility in 2012?

I've just tested it and Wow!  The top notes are very fresh and clean.  There are light citral-soapy notes that warm into a very slightly powdery floral with the tiniest hint of marine way at the back.  The musk of the dry down makes the fragrance heavier than when first sprayed, but the bright floral notes remain to lighten it and keep it smelling fresh.

This is definitely a fragrance you'll want to have at the ready when spring arrives, the sun comes out and the flowers start to bloom ... put this fragrance on and and you'll be springing and blooming as you step out into that gorgeous spring day!

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