Monday, February 13, 2012

Limited Edition Valentine's Day scent from L'Occitane: Cherry Princess

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I'll keep this one short and sweet because there isn't much time left to choose your scent before the love-infested holiday that is Valentine's Day.

For this most-romantic of holidays I've decided to visit L'Occitane, for who wouldn't know better about l'amour than les français with their language of love?  Mais oui!

L'Occitane has created a Limited Edition flanker based off of their popular Cherry Blossom Eau de Toilette scent.  Which, BTW, I smelled while in store and although some people call it delicate and romantic, I call it a pretty mediocre floral that is not very strong and also does not last very long.  I mean, it all but disappeared from my scent strip within five minutes of spraying it!  But I digress...

Cherry Princess Eau de Toilette was a completely different experience.  It was vibrant and fresh with top notes of grapefruit and berry, and soft floral notes of violet and magnolia underneath.  It is a linear fragrance, so does not change as it dries down and unlike its parent Cherry Blossom, its scent stays strong and has a long lifetime on the skin.

The very helpful sales person in the store informed me that Cherry Princess EDT is indeed a limited edition and would be leaving the shelves after Valentine's Day ... so you better hurry out to pick some up, if not only so that you have something to scent-ccessorize with tomorrow for Valentine's Day!!

PS - if you miss out on Cherry Princess EDT you could find a very similar fragrance in Moschino's Hippy Fizz!

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