Monday, July 25, 2011

A ripe, sweet & juicy idea

This summer there's been a fruit invading store shelves and enticing shoppers.  It is the Pluot and it’s your product’s latest concept -

Personal Care?

Photo credit: Idea Go
Indulge your skin with the luscious fragrance of Passionflower & Pluot.  This light floral and sweet, sophisticated scent will leave you feeling pampered all day long.

Laundry Care?
Spoil your senses with the luxurious scent of honeyed pluot and sweet white floral in the new Raspberry Jewel & Jasmine liquid detergent.

Air Care?
Breathe life into your home with the refreshing summer scent of Sun-kissed Pluot & Sweet Summer Berries.

Hold on!  I can hear you asking, “but what is it?!”

Pronounced “ploo-ot”, this fruit is a hybrid of the plum and the apricot.  It has a smooth and often dark skin, and its flavor is sweet and intense, but delicious.  It could almost be mistaken for a perfectly juicy plum.

In the past two months pluots have been sighted and tasted at a San Franciscan farmer’s market, a fine foods grocery store and a Sam’s Club.  Excitingly this means consumers with many (and varied) backgrounds have been introduced to this fruit and thus would recognized it if used as a scent cue on a high end and/or mass market consumer product.

So, what are you waiting for?!  Get out there while the pluots are ripe and entice your customers with this exciting scent concept!

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