Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yankee Candle Summer Love: First Kiss

Ah yes, we all know it well: the huge, crashing waves; the over-dramatic instrumental 'Love is a Many Splendored Thing'; the ever-so-fun scenes of Danny and Sandy playing and kissing on the beach...(sigh) nothing beats a summer romance!

And wouldn't it be nice if we could all have our own passionate summer fling à la Grease?  Well, never fear, we no longer have to wait around for our own Danny Zucco or Sandy Olsen* to come along anymore!  Yankee Candle's come out with the next best thing: a limited edition called Summer Love.

That is right.  You can go on down to your nearest Yankee (or just go online if don't want to risk getting skin cancer from the intense summer sun!) and get yourself some Summer Love.  Bear in mind that this is a limited edition, so if you want some love you can't wait around until September to get it!

There are three variants in the Summer Love range and today we'll be smelling First Kiss.

First Kiss has a very pleasant, albeit not too strong, cold throw.  It smells of sweet strawberry and  is a tiny bit waxy.  I wonder if this was done on purpose, though, because it mimics the scent of ChapStick's Strawberry flavor.  Just what you'd be experiencing on a first kiss!

In use First Kiss's scent is exactly what you would expect: it's a very innocuous (and not too strong) sweet berry aroma which gently fills the room.

First Kiss is an overall average candle, which means if this were my Summer Love's First Kiss ...I probably wouldn't stick around to see if he Loves Me Lots!

Have you tried this scent?  Do you love it, do you hate it?  Make sure to leave a comment below!
                                                                                                                     *Sandy has a last name!  Who knew?!

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