Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Harrods Exclusive: Oscar de la Renta Live in Love

I was having a casual jaunt around London when I found myself passing by the impressive structure of the Royal Albert Hall.  I quickly admired the architecture and moved on, deciding to seek shelter from the falling rain and the suffocating vehicle pollution.

Luckily for me just down the road was Harrods, claimed to be the world's most famous luxury department store.  I figured that if there was ever a place to seek refuge, this would be the one.

I hurried down the road and found my way through the Harrods' door as quickly as possible.  Surrounded by Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Mulberry and many other fabulous names, I breathed a sigh of relief, glad to be out of the rain and CO2 emissions.

Working my way through the maze that is Harrods I got distracted in one of the passages, funnily enough, by this:

There was a man with a small display, a perfume bottle and a scent ribbon standing amidst the chaos of the escalators doing his best to get passersby to sample this new, exclusive fragrance to Harrods.

Never one to pass up the chance to smell something I grabbed his attention and attempted to take his last scent ribbon.  But he wouldn't give it away.  He said that the fragrance didn't sit well on the ribbon, but he kindly offered to spray my wrist instead.  Despite his disagreement, I took his scent ribbon, and, of course, also let him spray my wrist (I needed a fragrance refresh after all the outdoor walking anyway).

I was immediately surrounded by orange blossoms - as if I was in a grove of blooming orange trees.  It was gorgeous!  The scent slowly warmed into a jasmine influenced white floral, mixing with the orange blossoms, but not completely cancelling them out.  It was a fresh and light fragrance intertwined with muted undertones of woody warmth.  It sat well on the skin and gave me the impression that if I sprayed it at 6am when getting ready for the day, I would still be smelling of it by happy hour in the evening.  I would highly recommend this fragrance, especially if you are a white floral fan.

Granted since it is exclusive to Harrods you might have to arrange a trip to London.  Or, since it is the modern age, you can take the quicker, cheaper, but less adventurous option and buy it online!

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