Monday, October 10, 2011

The Ultimate Fall Scent Debate: Glade, Air Wick or Febreze?

October has arrived and with it colorful leaves, pumpkins, cool weather and the horribly difficult decision of which brand's apple & cinnamon scent to fragrance your home with this Fall.

Today I have decided to stick to the basics and, to help you make an informed decision on your Fall fragrance, I visited my local Target and purchased the standard variant in candle format from each of the main brands.

Today's scent contenders:

Glade Apple Cinnamon, 4oz, $2.54
Glade's Apple Cinnamon's cold throw is moderate with a delicately sweet scent of red apple flesh (not skin).  There are little, if no, traces of spice in the scent.

In use, the fragrance was, unfortunately, a disappointment.  There was a tiny whiff of apples, but it was completely overtaken by the scent of wax.

The cold throw of Air Wick's Apple & Shimmering Spice is intense!  Immediately Wrigley's Big Red chewing gum springs to mind, which means that the scent is all cinnamon and no apple.

In use, the hot throw lacked the intensity of the cold throw.  The room was left lightly fragranced with very soft notes of apple that intertwined with, and softened, the previously overwhelming cinnamon scent.

Febreze's Apple Spice & Delight's cold throw is pleasantly strong with tones of red apple skins and a slight wisp of cinnamon.  Out of the three, Febreze wins the cold throw competition hands down.

Sadly, I was let down by the mediocre hot throw of this candle.  The room was filled with the subtle scent of red apple skins mixed with wax and a dash of cinnamon.

With the three candles assessed, it is time for conclusions...

Glade's Apple Cinnamon is the least expensive of the three, but this is evident in cold throw and hot throw where first the fragrance was minimal, and then the fragrance was non-existent.

Air Wick Apple & Shimmering Spice is moderately priced, but its cold throw was almost offensive in the strength of the cinnamon, although it did mellow out in use.

Febreze Apple Spice & Delight is the most expensive of the three with the best and most pleasant cold throw, but also the most disappointing hot throw.

Thus, the ultimate debate on affordable Fall scents is now over with Air Wick and Febreze tying for first place, leaving Glade trailing behind and left lonely on the store shelf!

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